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When Lawyers Write Richard H. Weisberg

When Lawyers Write

Richard H. Weisberg

Published December 31st 1995
ISBN : 9780316928717
346 pages
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 About the Book 

Designed with the realities of modern legal practice in mind, When Lawyers Write can be used for specific help on a particular problem or for general guidance to refresh or refine legal writing skills. Weisberg stresses the crucial element of audience awareness throughout, and offers proven techniques to reinforce good writing habits, showing you how to: Convey pertinent information at the outset-- Apportion research and writing-- Assume a fully attentive reader-- Keep the subject in mind-- Make verbs active-- Choose the appropriate degrees of directness, informality, and simplicity-- Tailor our tone to the case at hand-- And open a coherent path through sentences and paragraphs. General correspondence, memoranda, contracts, conveyances, wills, briefs, and other forms of legal writing are covered in depth. All the common writing difficulties lawyers face are examined in detail -- with practical suggestions for overcoming them.