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Prisoners of Flight Sid Gustafson

Prisoners of Flight

Sid Gustafson

Published August 12th 2003
ISBN : 9781579620882
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 About the Book 

Two former prisoners of the Vietnam War, one an Indian from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and the other a veterinarian, both alcoholic and psychologically scarred, reunite and fly to Montanas Glacier national Park. When they make a forced landing in the wilderness, their plane breaks a strut and they have no choice but to make camp for the winter. Eventually, they are joined by two young twin sisters who have wandered off their trail. During fierce winter storms they are marooned together in a small cabin, struggling to keep warm, find enough to eat and, hopefully, wait for a break in the weather. All four are lost, not only physically, but also psychically, and it is this unplanned intimacy, the struggle to survive, and the developing friendships that lead to the transformations that lie at the heart of this novel. Both harrowing and beautiful, Prisoners of Flight uses the power of nature and metaphor to illuminate the human condition.