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The Darkening Green Elizabeth Clarke

The Darkening Green

Elizabeth Clarke

Published May 17th 2012
ISBN : 9780571295227
237 pages
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 About the Book 

Owls call now in the hazy afternoon, and curlews get up in the night and join their voices with the plovers lost cries. Small birds, distracted by the fury of mating, fly hedge-high in flight and pursuit and brush past ones ear, indifferent to human presence.There is a common belief that when sight diminishes hearing is intensified - an observation made, I would say, by onlookers. I doubt whether I hear more acutely than before, but every trifle heard passes under expert scrutiny in some formerly idle workshop in my mind...Elizabeth Clarkes The Darkening Green (first published in 1964) portrays the gradual loss of sight endured by a farmers daughter, and bursts with lyrical observation of rural life. It was inspired by Clarkes personal experience of supporting her husband, a farmer near the Elan Valley in mid-Wales, as his own vision began to fade.