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The Screams of Dragons (Cainsville, #0.5) Kelley Armstrong

The Screams of Dragons (Cainsville, #0.5)

Kelley Armstrong

Published May 2014
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 About the Book 

The Screams of Dragons” is a prequel story to Kelley Armstrong’s novel Omens, https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1... and part of herparanormal mystery, fantasy and supernatural Cainsville Series.Bobby is different from other children. He hears the screams of dragons inside his head and when he reveals his dreams to his grandmother, it sets off a chain of events that will forever change his life.Abused by his superstitious grandmother, ignored by his parents and sibling, tormented by other children, he retreats from all of them and begins to find ways to wreck vengeance on them.The only light in his life are his visits to Cainsville. He feels that he belongs there and the town residents, especially Mrs Yates show the only kindness he has ever received from anyone and he’s accepted by the two friends he has made there, Hannah & Rose Walsh…think Gabriel Walsh here!!! Yes, that would be his aunt from the book Omens, which takes place many years later.But there’s no respite from the dragons in his head and soon he slides into a state, where he believes that everyone is against him.I came to understand how he felt disconnected and abandoned by everyone and sympathized with the dark feelings growing inside him. Alienated, unwanted, and feared!!!Cainsville is definitely an odd and disturbing little town. Beneath the lovely fields and homes, there’s something underlying creepy and scary about its inhabitants and the secrets they hold.Throughout the story there’s a tension of terror and fear of what lies underneath Cainsville and its hidden gargoyles!!!Whilst we get some information about the town and its characters, we are left with hints of things that remain hidden and still to be revealed.A short and enjoyable read that left me even more confused and wanting to know more about Cainsville.