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Social Media For Academics Diane Rasmussen Neal

Social Media For Academics

Diane Rasmussen Neal

Published August 2012
ISBN : 9781843346814
270 pages
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 About the Book 

Social Media for Academics: A practical guideEdited by Diane Rasmussen Neal, University of Western Ontario, CanadaChandos Publishing Social Media Series No. 2- no other book exists that assists academics in learning how to use social media to benefit their teaching and research- the editor has an extensive background in social media teaching, consulting, research, and everyday use- all the contributors come to the book with a common goal, from various expertise areas and perspectivesThis book provides an overview of social media technologies in the context of practical implementation for academics, guided by applied research findings, current best practices, and the author’s successful experiences with using social media in academic settings. It also provides academics with sensible and easy strategies for implementing a wide spectrum of social media and related technologies - such as blogs, wikis, Facebook, and various Google tools for professional, teaching, and research endeavours.Readership: Academics and academic librarians with professional, teaching and research responsibilities in all fields who are interested in learning more about using social media in the context of their careers, will find this book invaluable.