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Pick of Punch (1966) Bernard Hollowood

Pick of Punch (1966)

Bernard Hollowood

Published 1966
192 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

PRE-ISBNFrom the front endpaper:“A funny thing happened.‘Punch’ wrote or drew about it.And the odd thing is that until Punch wrote or drew about it, no one realised how funny it was. So a sense of humour comes in two parts- making jokes and seeing them.This new ‘Pick of Punch’ collects the best ‘Punch’ jokes, whether written or drawn, that have been made since the last collection. All you have to do is to see them. If you don’t, it’s serious. See a doctor instead.But it’s hardly likely to come to that. Could you really admit, even in the privacy of your own room, that you didn’t laugh at the drawings of Langdon, Hewison, Mahood, Siggs, Petty, Larry, Handelsman, Tidy, ffolks, Hargreaves, Starke … the writings of Ellis, Coren, Frater, APH, Boothroyd, Jennings, Turner, Campbell, Ryan, Price, Hinder, Hackney, Hinch?Preposterous. Your doctor would die laughing.”