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Back Pain - 101Questions Mary Barton-Greatbatch

Back Pain - 101Questions

Mary Barton-Greatbatch

Published November 22nd 2012
Kindle Edition
125 pages
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 About the Book 

Anyone with back pain, whether its acute, chronic or just temporary will be seaching for information. Trying to discover what is causing their agony and looking for an answer.Back pain is a very common complaint so much so that three out of four adults suffer from it. Lower back pain (lumbar pain) is the most common closely followed by neck pain.Most of us will find ourselves suffering from, or tormented by back pain in some way. statistics show that more than 80 % of the adult population will be afflicted with some kind of significant back pain at some time in their lives. Additionally, statistics also show that many never recover.The long term affliction of back pain extends way beyond the bodily torture suffered by numerous patients all over the planet. The true price of long term back pain affects the whole body of an individual, preventing them in from leading a normal life in ways that are difficult to imagine. Back pain sufferers are known to be troubled by chronic and recurring symptoms for years, and even decades. Creating a life of depression and despair.To help understand how back pain is caused and what solutions are available we asked a number of experts on the subject for their answers. These experts, doctors, consultants, chiropractors, yoga and pilates instructors, Tai Chi master, therapists and counsellors, and long term back pain sufferers, gave us the benefit of their knowledge and experiences.This has all been documented in an easy to read and understand e-book . . .Back Pain - 101 QuestionsAny one with back problems will find this book a must read. Here you will quickly see that you are not alone in your quest for pain relief. Read about the problems that others have faced and how they overcame them . . . Can this information help you over come your back pain ? Read and find out.