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Alain Tangers Wife James Henry Yoxall

Alain Tangers Wife

James Henry Yoxall

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free.This is an OCR edition with typos.Excerpt from book:Ill I know nothing of it: I am my own ancestor. AND now let me set down the story of my deuce of a marriage, and the strange errand that took me to Brivac. Mine was no honeymoon journey- Patrice was easily wrong about that. It was Flapp, the French mulatto, who sent me to the Rusty Lance. To cajole and conspire with Groschaud. Honeymoon journey, indeed !¬óbut let me begin the record where my cheating began, in a lawyers office at Austin Friars, one day in February last, no longer ago than that. A letter called me to Austin Friars. Mr. Jefford Goss, solicitor and commissioner for oaths, wrote to enquire if I was author of an article that had appeared in the Revue de Paris, over the name of Alain Tanger ? If that were my name by right of birth, would I, then, favour Mr. Jefford Goss with an early call, on private and urgent business ? I dropped the letter into my battered breakfast-tray, jumped across my dingy room, and seized my copy of the Revue. A most disquieting letter: it meant an action for libel, or something of the kind unpleasant, I made no doubt. I read my precious three-guinea article over and over again. It was a description in passable French of the colony of French folk resident in London: of their almost pathetic search for outdoor pleasures on Sundays- of thewineshops, groceries, restaurants, tobacco, newspaper, and book shops that exiled Parisians maintain in the heart of London Town. I had written of their evenings at the Cafd Royal, their hospitals, concerts, balls- of their London journal printed in French, and the queer old compatriot who totters from restaurant to cafe with his wallet full of yesterdays Patries and Aurores. But I had inserted no name, I could spot no libel, I found no ground of offence that could justify even a lawyers init...