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Clarissa Caroline Arnett


Caroline Arnett

Published October 28th 1979
ISBN : 9780893401955
408 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY WE CAN ESCAPE FROM OUR PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES AND THAT IS FOR YOU TO MARRY ME THIS AFTERNOON ... I WILL MAKE NO DEMANDS ON YOU. TO BE BLUNT, THERE WILL BE NO LOVEMAKING. WHAT DO YOU SAY?The words of Lord Lynburn came as a shock to Clarissa. She scarcely knew the man. But he was right. This was the only way for her to escape the dreadful prison of life as companion to the hateful Mrs. Ballard.As Lady Lynburn, she would again enjoy the luxury she had missed since her fathers death.But there was much about Lord Lynburn that bothered her. His mysterious disappearances. His strange moods.Still it was worth the chance.So she thought ...