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Wenches, Witches & Strumpets Aishling Morgan

Wenches, Witches & Strumpets

Aishling Morgan

Published October 10th 2002
ISBN : 9780352337337
252 pages
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 About the Book 

These stories are entertaining, tongue-in-cheek, cock-in-mouth (other orifices are also exploited!), amusing and fun. Most of them have little twist in their conclusions. Some of them are arousing, and some are not, but that is dependent on what turns each individual on. For me, there were three which had me as horny as can be, whilst there were two which were a complete turn off. Youll have to read these stories to find out which ones do what to you!I would say that this is a book that you can pick up and put down as the fancy takes you, whilst continuing with whatever your mainstream read of the day is at that time.I would recommend it as your bit on the side.