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Elisabeth Edelman

Published September 27th 2011
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Enter the sum

 About the Book 

INTERLUDE weaves the stories of three women who live in the same house in Atlanta during different time periods.At the end of the Civil War, the maternal, guarded Caroline Lowell struggles with the demands of caring for her four young children alone when she realizes the letters from her soldier-husband, her childhood sweetheart, have stopped. In the mid-1920s, Mady Stokes ignores her doctor’s assertion that a third attempt at pregnancy would be a death sentence and is stuck on bed rest, where she becomes intrigued by the man appointed to watch over her while her husband is at work. In 2003, Sable Daily, a brash, once-successful newspaper editor, is overrun by the children, country clubs, SUVs and spiked tea of her new, nosy neighbors, while keeping her move to Atlanta and her faulty abortion a secret from her newlywed husband serving in Iraq.Meanwhile, Mady and Sable each reflect on the origins of the ridiculously wide expanse of windows across the front of their home and learn different pieces of the rumors of the Civil War widow who spent her final days staring out the windows, waiting for her love to come home and launching a legend that spanned the centuries.